Brontë Goodwin has been awarded last 7 December 2023 during the AISTS Graduation Ceremony with the “Best Team Spirit” award. As a new member of Swiss Sport Managers, she described her “sport journey”. 

I was lucky enough to try a lot of sports growing up and I developed a particular love for horse riding and tennis. My drive to work in sport began when I entered my first tennis tournament at 12 years old. I had to compete against boys as there were no girls entered in the competition. This made me aware of the gender inequality in sport and sparked my desire to work in the field to try and bring about change. 

After working for 7 years running commercial tennis centres in Australia, I wanted to develop my knowledge of the sport industry. This opportunity arose when I was offered the Future Female Leader Scholarship to AISTS, prompting my decision to relocate to Lausanne and make the most out of living in the Olympic Capital.

Studying at AISTS was an incredibly valuable experience. I had the opportunity to collaborate with 24 students of different nationalities, all of whom were also passionate about sport and brought unique experiences. AISTS provided us with the opportunity to leverage our experiences and implement our own initiatives. A colleague and I took advantage of this by hosting “Changing the Narrative”, a summit on Gender Equity in sport leadership and the importance of male allies. 

Receiving the “Best Team Spirit” award from Swiss Sport Managers at the AISTS graduation was extremely humbling. Sport has a wonderful way of uniting people, whether on or off the pitch, and I believe that we can achieve great things when people feel part of something. I would like to thank Swiss Sport Managers for the award, and I look forward to being part of the Swiss Sport Managers community.

Brontë Goodwin

Picture 1: As a child riding my favourite horse Lorenzo
Picture 2: Receiving the award for the Most Outstanding Tennis Centre in Australia with Judy Dalton (left), one of the Original 9 women who were instrumental in the creation of the Women's Tennis Association